Just like so many car enthusiasts, It started with watch TV shows with fast cars. Dukes of Hazzard, Night Rider, Hard Castle and McCormick (yes I said Hardcastle and McCormick), Fall Guy, Miami Vice, etc. It continued with Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Road ad Track, and Hemmings Motor News. I then started going to car meets when I was in college and dreamed of owning some of the cars I savored. As an adult, I have owned many cars. But what I've grown to appreciate even more, are the people and relationships that I have developed over time. I've met so many people that not only have awesome cars, but also have great stories to tell. I've also had the opportunity to meet some that do not have unique cars, but still have a lot to share with the world So, I created this platofrm to allow them to share their stories with you!

Will Talk Entetainment is about people. If you want to be featured on my platform or with my partner StreetCars101, reach out to me at mrblacktop44@gmail.com